Driverless Car Pros And Cons: Is It Really Safe?

  Driverless car pros and conswas made for the people to make their life easier and also making the traffic even better. A driverless car was targeted to be the only car that people use in 2030. This car is really a big invention of technology and also automotive industry. But, even a driverless car […]

Nintendo Switch: How It May Look Appealing for Vita Users

The topic about Nintendo Switch and its development plan has dominated the gaming world within the last week – or within the last months. Some people are skeptical about it; thinking that Nintendo is over. They have reached their limit. Some, though, have quite a positive attitude and believe that Nintendo will be able to […]

New Tech Gadgets that You Have to Buy in The Future

  It is interesting to make some predictions about the tech gadgets that you will use in the future, and a couple of tech fans out there cannot help you but they offer you a couple of topics such as if you will still use applications at all or what types of application that you […]

PS4 Sales Reaching 36 Million this winter

This good news comes from PS4 sales during this winter. We know that we are in holiday season right now which means that people spend their holiday playing game in their home. It increases the sales of PlayStation 4 in the market scene. This is similar with the highest competitor of Sony PlayStation, Microsoft with […]