Driverless Car Pros And Cons: Is It Really Safe?


Driverless car pros and conswas made for the people to make their life easier and also making the traffic even better. A driverless car was targeted to be the only car that people use in 2030. This car is really a big invention of technology and also automotive industry.

But, even a driverless car ha driverless car pros and cons. Is it really safe? Can it really be used? Can driverless car change the recent car trend? Here are the driverless car pros and cons that you want to know:


  1. Make Your Life Easier

It is sure that a driverless car could make our life easier. Even for the people who can’t drive a car, they still can having a car of their own.

  1. The Traffic Got Better

The driverless car could make the traffic better, because it already has a program that could make the car obeys every rules and regulations.

  1. Less Accident

It has been proven that a driverless car could reduce the number of accident that caused by human error.

  1. Less Gas

Because the car has programmed itself to do the most efficient move, So no more wasted gas.

  1. Freedom For The Owner

All this time, when we are driving a car, we need to put 100% concentration to the road. So we will not making any mistakes that could lead to an accident. With the driverless car, the owner could move freely or even sleep when they’re going to some place.


  1. Hacking

It is a program, it sure some people with a great ability could hack your car, and drive you to wherever the hacker wants. It’s still better if they lead you to some place. But it would be a nightmare if they want to hurt you.

  1. Error

An error could happen anytime, and the worst part of it that if you don’t know anything about your car software. If the error is bad, it could lead to an accident.

  1. Overprice

We all know that even the regular car still have a high price, and not to mention a driverless car must have a really high price.  Some of them even have a same price as a house.

  1. Hard To Fix

This driverless car might be hard to fix by ourselves, we need to come to its company to fix it for us and we need to waste a lot of money to get it fixed.

And that’s are some of pros and cons about a driverless car. But still it depends on you, do you really need it or not. Or you still don’t believe it, then don’t buy it. This article is only has one purpose, is to give you information about a driverless car pros and cons.