Golf Winning Putt Review

Winning Putt Game Play

There was so long time to wait sport MMO game these days except Golf Winning Putt. This is a game which sets golf as the main gameplay. But, the developer mixes and matches golf with MMO feature. In other words, the players are able to level up their characters. However, this game is still on the open-beta phase yesterday. You need to know that this game is developed by Bandai Namco Entertainment America. Of course, we do not have to worry about the gameplay for sure because it will be fun and attractive especially for MMOR players who want to feel different experience of playing MMO.

The gameplay of Golf Winning Putt is the same with other golf gameplay. As usual, the players should be golf players and face out each other in golf’s matches. In addition, they are also able to join in a club which consists of other players. However, the difference with normal golf games here is that they can increase their skills and equipment to win the game. There is also food container in order to be used as their energy during the play. Meanwhile, there are so many skills which available in this game especially for playing the golf.

For your information, the Golf Winning Putt uses CryEngine graphic. This engine is one of popular PlayStation 4 graphics which is able to show high-end quality. If you are familiar with AION which is one of the best MMO fantasy out there, you will have the same graphics as same as this game on Winning Putt. For example, the detail shows us about the flowing mini-skirt from woman character because of wind. In other words, we have no doubt about the graphics. Moreover, this game is developed by one of the biggest gaming companies in the world.

Overall, this game is unique and anti-mainstream in the market of action and MMORPG these days. Sport-gaming is one of favorites since a decade ago especially for console games such as FIFA and PES. This game is one of new innovation for Bandai to shift the market once again. FYI, players are slightly bored with some gameplays especially DLC features nowadays. This is a good chance from Bandai to make the sport MMO becomes the number one in this New Year. Moreover, it is still on open-beta phase which requires many tests remaining to release on the market. If you are curious about the game, you can download from the official website of Golf Winning Putt.