Harvest Moon For A Farm Life Experience

Harvest Moon is somewhat similar to The Sims since it’s a roleplaying game but there are differences that distinguish the two of them. Harvest moon is a farming simulation game wherein The Sims is not and you do notice that the art is different, right? Both of the games are enjoyable though.


Harvest Moon


Harvest Moon is a slow-paced game and it requires patience to get the reward you hoped but that’s what makes it more interesting, right? It’s a game that allows you to play as a farmer and along the way you can increase the friendship between you and the town folks, also you’ll be able to marry one of the bachelors as well! If you were diligent, you will get to collect money and receive success on the way and it will be very satisfying. Harvest moon is available in a lot of versions – there are ones which are available for Nintendo such as Harvest Moon a New Beginning, Harvest Moon DS Cute, and a lot more, for Wii, you can play Harvest Moon: Animal Parade and Harvest Moon: Tree of Tranquility, as for the Gameboy, try Harvest Moon GB and the recently released one, Harvest Moon Seeds of Memories, are available on the android and iOS – a platform that almost everyone has nowadays. You need to pay for the game however.

The Reasons Why Harvest Moon Is Worth Playing

For those who love roleplaying game – in which the kind of game where you play a character and move it around, try Harvest moon. You might like it since it’s very fun to play. You will get a farming experience, though unreal, you can still get a few benefits, right? The different characteristics of the town folks will also interest you. However, the conversations can be a little repetitive for some of the versions. You will get to marry one of the bachelors as well and I might say it’s one of the most intriguing things about the game since you can’t help it but to love the bachelor you pick to marry. Some of the versions allow you to date as well. For each version, the given task and the characters will be different. For example, if you play A New Beginning, you must complete the town restoration plans and for Grand Bazaar, you asked to increase the rating of the town’s once famous bazaar. More challenges, the better right? So, what do you think of Harvest Moon?