King’s Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause Review

King Quest Chapter 2

Back on July 2015, King’s Quest Chapter 2 was released for PC. Rubble Without a Cause is the name for this chapter that continues the previous version, A Knight to Remember. This game provides up to 4 hours of gameplay that is very fun and interesting to be played. There are many quests that will you find cranking the plot of the game. You will find something unique from this game. It has an oddly storyline that also cruel, giving out of place feels from the series. You will also get stunning visual and voice that come from Christopher Lloyd.

Rubble Without a Cause offers charming atmosphere to you. In this game you will find something that remind you with the cartoon TV program that aired in 1980s, when the original King’s Quest game was started. The first chapter in King’s Quest Chapter 2 comes in five parts saga. Then, the game setting mostly take place in underground where Graham trying to free himself from the prison cells. It can be said that this game plot is not as comfortable as the previous version. The chapters in this game are centered in life or death game. You only have limited food supplies and also you only get a single-serving drumstick from the goblin that given to you every morning.

You should be wise to make any movements in this game because you can cause some of your friends dead because of starvation. King’s Quest Chapter 2 gameplay comes without much of a pulse. No challenges and innovations in this game, little bit boring. You just do many business work to survive. Sometimes the prisoner asks you to finish a very hard task that is very complicated. You should use a chair to grab a gold coin. Then, you should also provide the ingredients for the withes to make the poison. And many busy works to be done. There is a simple music puzzle that can be solved easily and fun, but once again, the game consists of too much busy work.

Rubble Without a Cause has successfully turn the fun fairy tale from the previous version of the game into something of a death march. King’s Quest Chapter 2 offers great visual effects that make you enjoy to play the game. This chapter will make sure that you will wait for the next chapter to come and surely you will play it.