Nintendo Switch: How It May Look Appealing for Vita Users

The topic about Nintendo Switch and its development plan has dominated the gaming world within the last week – or within the last months. Some people are skeptical about it; thinking that Nintendo is over. They have reached their limit. Some, though, have quite a positive attitude and believe that Nintendo will be able to make a solid come back. Surprisingly, people like Josh Fairhurst from Limited Run Games even believes that Switch will be appealing for the owners of PS Vita – and he has a good reason for it.

Nintendo Switch Problems
For some people, the idea of having Nintendo Switch is ridiculous. When Nintendo insists on developing it, the complaints about the price tag, the slim launch options, the storage space, and the poor online attempts seem to continue on. However, some people see those points as positive signs that Switch may not be as bad as you think. There are still hope, anyway, and it is highly possible that people who have PS Vita (and very fond of the device) may actually like the Switch in the end.

Nintendo Switch Potentials
However, from the game developer’s point of view, Fairhurst states that PS Vita owners may like the Switch better instead of considering the 3DS. Nintendo 3DS is also in the development stage but if game developers have to make games in another formats (the Switch and the 3DS will be using different formats), they are going to spend a lot of money in the process – and they don’t really like it. But with the Nintendo Switch, owners of Vita can simply switch their gaming platforms without having to spend more money – and this is the plan that everyone likes. Well, sort of.

Not to mention that there are some collectible old-school games that people like and Limited Run will be able to provide them. You see, some of the Nintendo games are easily ‘disappearing’ from the market. Some of the classic and old school titles are gone once they are sold out. This makes the collectible items difficult to find – not to mention that they are pricier each day. With the Switch, Limited Run will be able to provide the demand of those rare titles, providing the market that the old school gamers are looking for. In the end, everyone is happy. The collectors are happy to find the games and the game developers are happy with the profit; and it is Nintendo Switch that makes it possible.