PS4 Sales Reaching 36 Million this winter

PS4 Sales

This good news comes from PS4 sales during this winter. We know that we are in holiday season right now which means that people spend their holiday playing game in their home. It increases the sales of PlayStation 4 in the market scene. This is similar with the highest competitor of Sony PlayStation, Microsoft with its Xbox One. Recently, Sony stated that PS4 is sold for five point seven million units during the holiday. If we total the entire sales of PlayStation 4, it reaches 35.9 million units now per January 2016. Meanwhile, they had sold 30.2 million in the end of 2015 ago.

According to the PS4 sales, Sony defined holiday season since the end of November until 2nd January 2016 for Europe and America. Meanwhile, Asian’s holiday started from 23th November until 3rd January 2016. In other words, PlayStation new generation is successfully reached their consumers’ heart obviously. The sales are going strong during holiday until now. The soaking sales keep going during this year. Moreover, Sony will launch Playstation VR this year. Sadly, the sales of other consoles such as PS Vita and PS3 are secretly hidden. Likely, Sony is measuring the total numbers of their consoles until the mid-season.

On their official website, Sony claims that their customers are going bigger and bigger during the holiday season. They are glad that people are very enthusiast to choose PS4 as their gaming-machine in their holiday. Therefore, the PS4 community will be fast growing. Hopefully, Sony will increase their innovative entertainment for their customers through the year and year later as their promise. Of course, it is such good news for PS4 gamers because they have involved in a growing community since the first release. These PS4 sales prove that people start to choose the best console ever in the world.

In 2016, PS4 Sales will be going bigger and bigger obviously due some unprecedented games which come in rush. It is claimed by Shuhei Yoshida last year that big games will hit PS4 next year (2016). Moreover, he added that 2016 is PS4 year which means that they will be served with fresh and new games during 2016. Some games that will be released are Grand Turismo Sport, Street Fighter V and many more. The PlayStation VR also becomes the one which is demanded by PS4 gamers this year. What about Microsoft with their Xbox One? Similarly with PS4, they also claimed some Xbox games will make Xbox players satisfied for 2016.