Titanfall 2 Multiplayer Tips

This article will give a couple of multiplayer tips that will be useful for those of you who want to win the Titanfall 2 games. You have to consider that this game is not in the version of Beta while you have to check out a couple of tips so that you will know whether they can still apply to the game or not. On this post you will find a couple of latest tips of Titanfall 2 on how to get through the online multiplayer modes.

Get Out when in Doubt

One of the interesting things about Titanfall 2 is the capability in order to fight and ride in your Titan which is a big mechanic which will give a couple of stuff that will be useful on the battlefield.  Meanwhile, it does not mean that you are the single player out there, and it is probability that one or more Titans can be beat you on the opposing team. Meanwhile, you will be told by the game when the Titan is at the dangerous situation and will be damaged soon. When it happens, the Titan can be actually ejected out and you can launch it into the air, out of way of harm. It is the better way that you can do rather than staying inside the Titan that will be exploding and also the most important thing is that you can save your life.

Do Not Smoking

In the game, one of the important Titan Counters is to get on the top of the Titan and throw a grenade into the huge machine or you can also take out the batteries. Meanwhile, you can notify the players who are inside the Titan whenever you do the thing and electric smoke will be used in order to try and throw you off which the large puff of smoke rolls will be taken over their Titan and they will be destroyed over a short time period. You will die if you stay during this cloud, meanwhile you have to consider that you can jump off of the Titan and get out the way of harm in if they use their electric smoke on you. By using this method, their electric smoke will be used by them and they will not be able to shoot you easily back because the smoke will cover you up. So you can jump off next time you get into the Titan.